Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shhhhh.... I'm hunting nappies.......

Put on your best Elmer Fudd voice... it's nappy hunt time!!!!!

And yep you guessed it - Flattery is a sponsor. Now I know it's a while away but just thought I'd get it out there LOL

The next Nappy hunt starts on 1st September and will go through til 30th September. If you haven't heard of the nappy hunt then wow, you are missing out. The whole point of the hunt is to find (and click on) little nappy icons hidden on sponsor's websites... well actually that's not quite right - the whole point really is to win prizes!!!!!

You heard right - prizes are offered by the sponsors - Flattery has offered a gorgeous Minky Splice nappy - and the prizes are up for grabs by those who are successful hunters.

Here's a little taste of what you'll be looking for - don't be surprised if you're seeing this little guy in your sleep by the end of September