Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Stocking - Dino Applique

Lovely summery colours - lime tie dye minky and lush aqua avlyn - and a cute dino applique

May Stocking - Paper Boat Pirate

Here is anothe front snap - this time a cute little medium boys nappy

May Stocking - Sunshiney Rainbow

It's been a long long time since i've done a front snap at a stocking but i seem to be getting quite a few orders for front snaps from the custom waiting list - so even though the most vocal customers are always asking for sidesnap - there must be people out there who lust after front snap nappies

I guess this stocking will answer the question - if it's successful I'll keep stocking them but if they're not wanted I'll stick to the sidesnaps ;)

May Stocking - Space Walk

Another new cotton print - I've nicknamed this one Alien Highway because it looks a little like you're flying down a highway in space checking out all the advertising

May Stocking - Lavender Tillbrook

Lavender Tillbrook Sprites teamed with lush lavender avlyn minky and a beautiful little woodland mushrooms applique

May Stocking - Sleepy Hoot

My all time favourite ever cotton print - Wise Old Owl

How many times have i said that??? a heap i guess - i can't help it - it's just the best!!!

May Stocking - Little Tweet

A new print to the collection - Feather Flowers Blue - this nappy has a half panel of the print and Turquoise Minky

May Stocking - Friendly Froggies

Oh so cute little froggies on this small nappy with Royal blue and Lime Minky

May Stocking - Flowering Tree

A beautiful combo of baby pink and pale green minky, and a pretty flowering tree

May Stocking - Woodland Friends

Cute little woodland friends frollicking in the leaves - teamed with orange sunrise gelato and yellow tie dye minky - yummmmmmm

May Stocking - Beep Beep

The cutest little girly car nappy you will ever see!!

The front is peace flowers in aqua and the back is lush avlyn aqua

May Stocking - Cheeky Monkey

A cheeky Little monkey embroidered on gorgeous espressonminky and teamed with the Jungle Latte print

May Stocking - Happily Ever After

This embroidery design is always a hit - even though it is a massive headache and has 40 thread changes i keep doing it because it looks so awesome when it's finally done

May Stocking - Baby Dragon

Nawww i love this cute baby dragon applique - The pruple and orange looks great on the black background

May Stocking - Beautiful Birdcage

A pretty smll nappy in purple and lavender tie dye with a gorgeous little birdcage embroidery design

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Firefly Collective - Baby Dragon

On a wing.... - A dragon wing!!

A gorgeous large nappy for a little boy

Firefly Collective - Flutter-by Swirl

I absolutely LOVE the way this nappy turned out - beautiful soft pink and white colours and metallic accents in the flutter-by swirl embroidery!!