Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal Softies....

I've had this piece of fabric sitting on my shelves for a while now but only just now managed to use it.

My kids think it looks like the car is bursting through the back of the nappy - very funny if you're an 11 or 10 year old preteen boy :D

I have many many other hidden treasures in my fabric stash.... you just never know what will be coming out next!!

Boy oh Boy - it's an animal toss on tie dye blue!!!

Oh man this print just works with so many different colours of minky

I think it looks great on the tie dye blue - lovely for a little boy!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Head over to facebook...

I'm just about to run a little comp for a custom spot - will only be open for 24 hours so get in now

Movie Monsters

A special request from a customer I tracked this fabric down in the US - it was a hugely popular print by Robert Kaufman and has been out of print for quite some time, so you can image how hard it was to find... i got a whole yard of it though so I have a little bit leftover for others

I was lost for ideas for the applique until it dawned on me MOVIE monsters ... a film strip is just the thing!!
The black stitching of the film kind of blends into this black - I think it would really pop on red or raspberry slush... hint hint for the next person who orders one

Crossword puzzle - anyone got a Nikko

It's a Blank Canvas - you can do a crossword on your baby!!!
Some nappies are more fun than others - I had a blast making that one I can't wait to make some more....
Of course the applique on the back can say whatever you want it to - that's the beauty of a crossword ;)

Wildberry - so lush

Before Creatures and Critters Frog came along - this was my best seller - cherry blossoms and a butterfly on yummy wildberry minky.

You could just grab a spoon and eat that minky - it looks just like the colour of boysenberry icecream

Tigernaut yumminess

ooooh froggies!!!!!

Here's teh swallow embroidery that I digitised - on a nappy, jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt - someone's going to be a well dressed little man!!!

Tie dye lavender with a spring butterfly

Credit to these lovely customers of mine who can see a minky colour, find an embroidery and pair them up to make something delicious!!!
Wow this butterfly really works on this tiedye lavender minky - I really enjoyed watching this one come together
And yeah the lady who gets a kick out of a great embroidery thread colour is just as thrilled when she discovers an inner that matches an outer this well - yeah I know, I need a life - but MAN how good do these two match!!!????

Mummy.... baby.....

Mummy and baby....

Grumpy little thing when she first wakes up

But i can make her smile :D
Scuse my no make up frizzy hair look PMSL

Pink tillbrook with a twist...

Oooooooh yummy - gotta love the pink tillbrook!!!

And OK OK i know what is exciting to me the nappy maker may not be such a huge deal to you the nappy buyer but my oh my I was so excited to find this colour embroidery thread - it's called teaberry - and is such a perfect match for the darker colours of the Tillbrook print.

So now I have the perfect minky, and the perfect thread - PERFECT!!

Oh and incidentally I'm so in love with this teaberry colour I'm tempted to redecorate the entire house based on it :B

Echino Bird and Berry pink

This nappy was created from a piece of Echino Bid and Berry print provided by the customer.

I stared at it for ages and ages trying to pick a minky colour and an applique (probably because i usually decide those things before i even buy a piece of fabric) but then it hit me!!!

Of course rasperry slush - how could I ever think it could be anything else - and that gorgeous pink bird - he'll be the perfect applique shape thank you very much Echino :)

A very classy looking nappy if i may say so myself :)

Before and after digitising pics

So here's a photo of a car.......

And here's a nappy.......

I showed this nappy to my hubby and asked him to guess what make of car it was - It must be a good sign that he picked it right :)
I love how this one turned out - and i hope it's new owner loves it as much as i do

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tigeraut Jeans and Flattery Nappies

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Tigernaut Jeans - now you know why - my lord how cute do these look!!!!!!

We actually have a few custom slots for Tigernaut Jeans left on Flattery or you can check out Clare's website here:


nuff said!!!

Just a photo of a deliciously gorgeous dot minky parra supporters nappy :D - the front of this one is blue - just to really go with the colour scheme

Om nom nom - someone loves cupcakes

Ha ha - this design is an absolute classic - very FUN!!!

I changed his colours to little less pink a little more blue, after all it is for a little boy whose mum didn't want the nappy being too girly.

This "Imperial Purple" minky is so lush - the colour is really very striking in realy life, I can see myself making a lot more nappies in this colour!!

Pale yellow dimple dot minky

These gorgeous goldfish are having a little kiss - nawwwww

I love this minky AND this embroidery - it just makes such a perfect nappy especially for younger babies or newborns. A perfect baby shower gift when you don't know the sex of the bub.

The embroidery is actually small enough that it would fit perfectly on the newborn sized nappies too

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ok i know this blog is for Flattery but I can't help myself...

I was trying to get some snaps of Evie's new hairdo and got these two gems - wow!!!!!!

And before anyone asks... yes they're that blue in real life!!!!

Oh but tee hee pity about the daggy background - I had to crop them PMSL

Minky prints - Olive Paisley

I love minky prints for their simplicity. Great for stash fillers, a little bit cheaper, easier to buy (no need to pick an embroidery design) and man does minky come in some great prints!!!!

Olive green paisley has a few different shades of green and a lovely chocolate colour. My daughter has a great chocolate brown crossover dress that has a lighter green paisley fabric on the reverse - this minky is going to match PERFECTLY!!

Oh and just because I love inners that match - the inner on this nappy is a beautiful dark olive green velour.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fitted nappies with embroidery

I love fitted nappies - and now we can have embroidery on our fitteds - YAY

I find it hard to track down cotton knits in prints for nappies - and when I found a treasure trove of organic cotton interlock in some beautiful plain colours I decided that embroidery would look just as good on a fitted nappy with a knt outer as a minky All in 2.

After extensive testing I have chosen some select low stitch count embroidery designs that will work on this lovely soft interlock.

You can see the special Embroidery Album here: Photos

For now I have pink and blue - keep an eye out for more colours as soon as I get some made up for photos ;)

A different interpretation

Listed on the site are previews of the Boy oh Boy! Animal Toss fabric made up into a side snapping nappy with Aqua minky - using one of the suggested minky colours (in this case lime) and changing closure style - the customer has created a totally new nappy.

I think he looks gorgeous :D - oh god who doesn't love lime minky!!!!

This is the exact reason why i love the customisable pre-orders!! Why go with my colour choices every time - make something unique and totally you

Personalised embroidery for girls...

Pretty butterflies and the girliest text I could find. When you order let me know what name you would like (first name only or first and middle) and if you have a preference for thread colours.
On this pink the darker pink text and purple butterflies look pretty - on brighter colours of minky you might go with some brighter thread colours

Personalised name embroidery for boys

For boys a cute little plane in your choice of colours - and you advise the name you want. You can have justa first name or first and middles name.