Saturday, August 14, 2010

Collaboration with Kris at Peechee Cloth

Kris and I have worked together to make a cute set of 2 nappies (Flattery Medium, Peechee Cloth size 2) both in side snap and both featuring the :heart: tree embroidery design.

The Flattery Nappy has something a little bit special and different from what I normally do - a second matching embroidery across the front panel

Keep an eye out for this collab set tonight at 8.30pm at

Earth Friendly

And here this one is a little bit more boyish - for your earth friendly bub.

This one is a medium side snap pocket - and like the others will be available tonight at 8.30pm at

We stock the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month - and have a different inspiration each month - have fun trying to guess what's happening next month :D

Be Green, not mean

The Inspiration for this month at Firefly Collective is "Be Green!" - what cuter way to send a green message - a cute cloth nappy

This one is my "girly" offering - Be Green, Not Mean

It's a Small side snap and will be available tonight at 8.30pm

Have a Green Day

For tonight's Firefly Collective stocking (8.30pm QLD time) I have listed a few nappies - including this Large Side snap all-in-2 - Have a Green Day :D