Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm going away for a week

Finally - a holiday - it's not something we do very often so I'm really looking forward to getting away with the family to the Whitsundays for a week - woo hoo. We leave REALLY early Saturday morning and get back next Sunday. Any orders placed during the week will be posted as soon as we get back.

I'm still waiting for quite a few order details for the special custom deal - so if you guys could email them to me I'll be able to get it all started when I get back.

I have been working on customs this week but had a chance to make these 2 cute nappies for store stock

A small minky splice in unisex colours and a girly medium embroidered minky splice

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some changes, a sale and testers required

There are some changes happening at Flattery - nothing too scary, just little adjustments to the way the store is run :)

Firstly - After a long hard think I've decided to stop the once a month stockings until after Christmas - this is mainly because my family has a lot going on these next few months and I won't be able to dedicate a huge chunk of time around stocking time like I have been. There will be about the same amount of stock going up as before - but instead of it all going up on one day I will upload as I finish things. I've got a few customs in the works at the moment but will be making store stock in between working on the customs.

I won't be making an announcement each time I upload something but will keep the blog updated regularly and will send out reminder newsletters every now and then. The semi-custom out of print lottery and the charity auction will still be going up on the 1st of the month and ending on the 3rd - so there will definitely be a newsletter going out around then, but it might pay to check out the store occasionally and see what's there.

Secondly - I'm actually after testers for a new size of nappy - I'm specifically after people who have larger/older babies who find that the rise on most nappies is too low. I will be asking for testing by one boy and one girl so if you think your baby meets this need please email me with your child’s weight and measurements. The tester nappies will be free of charge. I would really like to hear from people who find their choice in nappies limited because the highest "standard" rise is too low.

And lastly the most exciting part!!!!! Flattery can now digitise - YAAAAAAY - I have already made a few extra special Evie nappies :)

For those of you that are unsure what digitising is - it basically means that I can now embroider ANY image onto a minky nappy - all I need is a clear JPEG image no wider than 13cm and no higher than 16cm - there are some limitations to detail in digitising but it is such a breath of fresh air to not be limited to purchased embroidery designs.

To celebrate I am offering a sale - 10 spots available for an embroidered minky nappy for $30 - that's the price of a regular plain minky nappy - and you can have ANY design you wish. We are currently looking at about a 3-4 week wait on these customs (from final agreement of design) 1 nappy per person please.

Outers available - Minky - Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Retro pink, Light blue, Navy, Denim (mid blue), sage green, light green, Lime green, caramel, white, chocolate, espresso, wildberry, dusty rose, lilac, purple, burgundy, cherry, charcoal, black, cream, medium aqua, dark aqua (teal), light yellow, bright yellow, bright orange, mink gelato, raspberry slush gelato, aqua sea gelato, huckleberry gelato, grape gelato, pink sorbet tie dye, blue tie dye, chocolate tie dye - you can also create a minky splice with lime dot, purple dot, lilac dot, turquoise dot, lime black pink paisley, baby blue/choc paisley, baby pink/choc paisley, black dot, baby pink dot, coffee dot, caramel dot

Inners available - microchamois - black, baby blue, baby pink, butter yellow, hot pink, lime, Noahs ark, baby safari, interlocking rings, snowflakes, henna circles, froggies, my first train. Microfleece - white, black, royal blue, emerald green, pink. Velour - Purple, cream, aqua, candy pink, steel blue, apple green. Suede cloth - apple green.

Embroidery - Anything you can dream up - please provide a JPEG image or tell me what you're looking for and I may be able to find it. No purchased embroidery designs please - I may have a sale for purchased embroidery designs at a later date - but this one is for digitised embroidery.

Feed back on these changes welcomed... let me know what you think... good thing? bad thing? don't care? LOL - I love to hear from you guys :)

Take Care


Thursday, October 1, 2009

October stocking - geez this year is going fast

It's that time again!!!!! Time for a Flattery Stocking. -

Almost everything is up for preview now - I'm just running a little behind with this month's charity Auction - I will let you all know when that one is up. Like all Flattery Stockings everything will go live at 8.30pm on the 3rd so get those trigger fingers ready.

You will see there is another semi-custom lottery for blueberry or pink sorbet minky!!!! Put your name down, you never know your luck ;) Both colours are absolutely gorgeous and sooooooo terribly hard to get.

This months stocking is mainly Snuggle Me with just a couple of sets. With quite a few custom orders this month, running 2 fabric co-ops and being a hunt sponsor I just haven't had as much time to do in stocks as I would have liked. There are still some beautiful nappies there so hopefully there is something that will appeal to you. Plus there are just a couple of items left from last month

I'm taking orders now for custom christmas nappies - I might be making a couple to stock but most of the christmas stuff will be customs - so much nicer to have an extra special nappy you designed yourself for chrissy day - I am a sucker for all things christmas LOL If you're interested please email me on or via the contact page on the website

DON'T FORGET - your nappy hunt discount code is still valid for this stocking - and will be valid til 4th October in case you don't get a chance to be online for the actual stocking.

Take Care ;)