Sunday, December 20, 2009

We have a winner!!! well 2 actually

Thanks for all your responses guys - between the blog, facebook and emails i got heaps and heaps of feed back which has helped shape the new Flattery in 2010!!!!
I just roped Simon in to helping me draw a winner of the survey comp......
excuse the daggy old hat LOL

drum roll please.....

The winner of the $50 voucher is Michelle Forster - well done Michelle - I'll get in touch with you with details soon - I look forward to creating something special for you

Since i had such a great day today (i got heaps and heaps of christmas shopping done and I was in an extra good mood because DH and I had a night out last night) I decided to draw a second name - Teresa Moll gets a voucher of $20 off a purchase in 2010 - congrats Teresa - I can make you that Side Snapper you've been waiting for ;)

Thanks again everyone - my life is so much easier if I know what you guys actually want in a nappy


Saturday, December 12, 2009

A COMPETITION!! Some big changes in the works, a sale and a holiday

There are some MASSIVE changes coming to Flattery over the Christmas Break. A licence for a new nappy design, new sizing, new products (a whole new RANGE of products) changes to stockings and some retail stockists.

In preparation of the changes Flattery will close over Christmas - I will be finishing current custom orders (you can chose to have your custom with the old pattern or the new one if you feel like having a sneak peek) and organising the new product range.

With a new design coming I need to sell old stock - when the store re-opens in January I would rather not have to worry about version 1/version 2 and the completely different sizing. To help move the current stock I am offering a huge discount of 25% off all current stock until sold out. Use the code "25off" to snap up a great bargain. Check out

I'm hoping to reopen the store with new stock on 10th January - so keep an eye out for a newsletter - If anything majorly dramatic comes up I may delay the reopening a little but fingers crossed that won't be necessary.

Now for the fun stuff - I am having a blog poll/survey/competition!! I am just fine tuning the new designs and my wonderful DH thought instead of trying to guess what you guys want - how about I ask you :D

Just answer the following questions by way of a comment on the blog to be in the draw for a $50 gift voucher to be spent in the store on new stock after 10th January (including customs ;)). You have 1 week to respond - competition closes 20th December - what a great Christmas present!!

If you can't reply to the blog feel free to send your reply to - you will still be entered in the competition

Ok now for my survey

1. On a front snap nappy do you prefer 1 row of snaps or 2? 1 row of snaps is quicker to put on and take off but the 2 rows gives you customised fit around legs and tummy. Now that Flattery will have a side snap option (for babies that need that customised fit) is it necessary to have the 2 rows on the front snap?

2. On a side snap nappy do you prefer squared off wings or rounded wings? It is purely an aesthetic thing - you can also choose "don't care" LOL

3. Would you like to have the option of requesting a pocket style nappy? Or would that just make it too many variables?

4. Anything you love about Flattery Nappies that you would hate for me to change?

5. Anything that bugs you about the current design that you would like to see changed?

Now of course questions 4 and 5 may be a little difficult for those of you that do not own a Flattery nappy yet, but you can answer based on what you can see on the website or what you have heard from other people - this is the perfect opportunity for you to tell me WHY you haven't bough a Flattery nappy

Only 5 minutes of your time to answer 5 quick questions (1 word answers are fine or you can go into as much depth as you would like) and you'll be in the draw for a $50 gift voucher!!! How much easier could it be



Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Charity Auction

Surf Life Saving Australia!!!!
I had such fun making this one - the colours are very striking - I want to put a bid in myself LOL

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A tasting plate of nappies LOL

Here is a collection of small and medium and nappies for a yet to arrive bubby. Mum is new to MCNs so I wanted to give her an idea of what different styles and fabrics there are available so she can decide what she likes best, what works on her bub best and what fabrics are best for bub's skin.

There are 5 small, 5 medium, some micro chamois liners and some scrummy velour wipes. She only wanted one embroidered nappy so far - we'll get her onto that addiction later ;)

5 small nappies all minky outers - one is printed minky and one is a minky splice

The 5 smalls (top row left to right) Microchamois inner/All in one; Micro chamois inner/All in two; Cotton velour inner/pocket; (bottom row left to right) minky inner/all in two; Suedecloth inner/All in one

5 medium nappies 3 are plain minky outers, one is embroidered minky and one is poly PUL print

The 5 mediums (top row left to right) Microchamois inner/All in two; Microchamois inner/pocket; Suedecloth inner/All in two; (bottom row left to right) minky inner/All in two; cotton velour/All in one

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh wow this custom turned out so pretty!!!

I must give credit to the customer on her choice of embroidery (a digitised design) and colour of minky.
I think I found my daughter's next nappy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A day for names on nappies......

Here are the latest custom offerings :)I just fisished off these 2 gorgeous nappies for some lucky little bubs.

A little surprise gift for Robbie's mummy - I've been told I can put this picture on the blog because mum will be way too busy baby gazing to worry about searching the net for nappies with her boy's name on it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.... I love this navy minky - it's is so dark and lustrous. It is definitely one of my fave minkys.
Little Annabelle gets a special little christening nappy - the combination of pink and white has made such a little girly nappy for her special day- I really hope her mum likes it as much as I do
The pink and white theme was carried all the way to the inner of this nappy .... that is a really soft baby pink microchamois. The colour doesn't show up that well in a photo, but trust me! It is pink.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some customs...

These are some customs from a while ago that i didn't get around to posting on the blog - the colours are just OMG! and I really loved having a play with my designer print cottons!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm going away for a week

Finally - a holiday - it's not something we do very often so I'm really looking forward to getting away with the family to the Whitsundays for a week - woo hoo. We leave REALLY early Saturday morning and get back next Sunday. Any orders placed during the week will be posted as soon as we get back.

I'm still waiting for quite a few order details for the special custom deal - so if you guys could email them to me I'll be able to get it all started when I get back.

I have been working on customs this week but had a chance to make these 2 cute nappies for store stock

A small minky splice in unisex colours and a girly medium embroidered minky splice

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some changes, a sale and testers required

There are some changes happening at Flattery - nothing too scary, just little adjustments to the way the store is run :)

Firstly - After a long hard think I've decided to stop the once a month stockings until after Christmas - this is mainly because my family has a lot going on these next few months and I won't be able to dedicate a huge chunk of time around stocking time like I have been. There will be about the same amount of stock going up as before - but instead of it all going up on one day I will upload as I finish things. I've got a few customs in the works at the moment but will be making store stock in between working on the customs.

I won't be making an announcement each time I upload something but will keep the blog updated regularly and will send out reminder newsletters every now and then. The semi-custom out of print lottery and the charity auction will still be going up on the 1st of the month and ending on the 3rd - so there will definitely be a newsletter going out around then, but it might pay to check out the store occasionally and see what's there.

Secondly - I'm actually after testers for a new size of nappy - I'm specifically after people who have larger/older babies who find that the rise on most nappies is too low. I will be asking for testing by one boy and one girl so if you think your baby meets this need please email me with your child’s weight and measurements. The tester nappies will be free of charge. I would really like to hear from people who find their choice in nappies limited because the highest "standard" rise is too low.

And lastly the most exciting part!!!!! Flattery can now digitise - YAAAAAAY - I have already made a few extra special Evie nappies :)

For those of you that are unsure what digitising is - it basically means that I can now embroider ANY image onto a minky nappy - all I need is a clear JPEG image no wider than 13cm and no higher than 16cm - there are some limitations to detail in digitising but it is such a breath of fresh air to not be limited to purchased embroidery designs.

To celebrate I am offering a sale - 10 spots available for an embroidered minky nappy for $30 - that's the price of a regular plain minky nappy - and you can have ANY design you wish. We are currently looking at about a 3-4 week wait on these customs (from final agreement of design) 1 nappy per person please.

Outers available - Minky - Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Retro pink, Light blue, Navy, Denim (mid blue), sage green, light green, Lime green, caramel, white, chocolate, espresso, wildberry, dusty rose, lilac, purple, burgundy, cherry, charcoal, black, cream, medium aqua, dark aqua (teal), light yellow, bright yellow, bright orange, mink gelato, raspberry slush gelato, aqua sea gelato, huckleberry gelato, grape gelato, pink sorbet tie dye, blue tie dye, chocolate tie dye - you can also create a minky splice with lime dot, purple dot, lilac dot, turquoise dot, lime black pink paisley, baby blue/choc paisley, baby pink/choc paisley, black dot, baby pink dot, coffee dot, caramel dot

Inners available - microchamois - black, baby blue, baby pink, butter yellow, hot pink, lime, Noahs ark, baby safari, interlocking rings, snowflakes, henna circles, froggies, my first train. Microfleece - white, black, royal blue, emerald green, pink. Velour - Purple, cream, aqua, candy pink, steel blue, apple green. Suede cloth - apple green.

Embroidery - Anything you can dream up - please provide a JPEG image or tell me what you're looking for and I may be able to find it. No purchased embroidery designs please - I may have a sale for purchased embroidery designs at a later date - but this one is for digitised embroidery.

Feed back on these changes welcomed... let me know what you think... good thing? bad thing? don't care? LOL - I love to hear from you guys :)

Take Care


Thursday, October 1, 2009

October stocking - geez this year is going fast

It's that time again!!!!! Time for a Flattery Stocking. -

Almost everything is up for preview now - I'm just running a little behind with this month's charity Auction - I will let you all know when that one is up. Like all Flattery Stockings everything will go live at 8.30pm on the 3rd so get those trigger fingers ready.

You will see there is another semi-custom lottery for blueberry or pink sorbet minky!!!! Put your name down, you never know your luck ;) Both colours are absolutely gorgeous and sooooooo terribly hard to get.

This months stocking is mainly Snuggle Me with just a couple of sets. With quite a few custom orders this month, running 2 fabric co-ops and being a hunt sponsor I just haven't had as much time to do in stocks as I would have liked. There are still some beautiful nappies there so hopefully there is something that will appeal to you. Plus there are just a couple of items left from last month

I'm taking orders now for custom christmas nappies - I might be making a couple to stock but most of the christmas stuff will be customs - so much nicer to have an extra special nappy you designed yourself for chrissy day - I am a sucker for all things christmas LOL If you're interested please email me on or via the contact page on the website

DON'T FORGET - your nappy hunt discount code is still valid for this stocking - and will be valid til 4th October in case you don't get a chance to be online for the actual stocking.

Take Care ;)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak peek October stocking

I was chatting yesterday to Kylie about this cute shark nappy I was making and promised to post a pic on here once it was done. The colours are just soooo pretty - I love the combination of darks and bright! and the velour inner - oh my!!!!!! so luscious

Sharks on navy - the aqua embroidery really stands out on this gorgeous lustrous navy minky

And this beautiful soft cotton velour is such a vibrant colour and so soft to touch

Friday, September 18, 2009

We have a lottery winner!!!!!

Congrats Cruznkris :D

Have fun dreaming up a gorgeous nappy with the delicious sorbet and/or blueberry minky

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update on Flattery Nappy Hunt status.........

Apparently I don't update my blog often enough so here you go juzzy - this one's for you ;)

Yay - half way through the hunt and the icon has been found by 397 people - there's a few to go though considering there are around 2000 hunters LOL.

I have moved the icon and changed the clues - I think they're a bit easier now - so it's more of a fun hunt and not a brain strain

There is still some September stock available - including this cute set for boys (the colour of the nappy is just gorgeous - this would make a great party outfit for a cute little boy

And I can't beleive there is still an embroidred minky nappy available!!! - this cute little girly medium nappy hasn't been snapped up - The minky is a beautiful cool aqua and the fairy is embroidered in beautiful soft mauve threads - this nappy would go with so many girly outfits for summer - my daughter has a few nappies in this colour minky - it goes with pink, blue, yellow and purple beautifully :)

And don't forget to get your entry in for the lottery - it is drawn this Friday so if you haven't entered yet make sure you do befroe Friday :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September stocking and charity Auction

I have finally got everything uploaded for this month's stocking. The auction was up a little late because of internet issues :( so will be finishing a bit later than usual at 10.30am on Friday. The stocking will go live at the usual time of 8.30pm on the 3rd

Daffodil day is this month's charity - read up on to see how much this deserving charity does in our community.

I have really tried to hit a balance this month between boy/girl, medium/large and cotton/minky - I think there's a little bit for everyone... shall i show you my fave items out of everything listed this month?

The colours just really jump out :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shhhhh.... I'm hunting nappies.......

Put on your best Elmer Fudd voice... it's nappy hunt time!!!!!

And yep you guessed it - Flattery is a sponsor. Now I know it's a while away but just thought I'd get it out there LOL

The next Nappy hunt starts on 1st September and will go through til 30th September. If you haven't heard of the nappy hunt then wow, you are missing out. The whole point of the hunt is to find (and click on) little nappy icons hidden on sponsor's websites... well actually that's not quite right - the whole point really is to win prizes!!!!!

You heard right - prizes are offered by the sponsors - Flattery has offered a gorgeous Minky Splice nappy - and the prizes are up for grabs by those who are successful hunters.

Here's a little taste of what you'll be looking for - don't be surprised if you're seeing this little guy in your sleep by the end of September

Friday, July 31, 2009

August stocking and the Charity Auction

Hello everyone -

It's time for the August stocking - all products are up for preview right now and will be purchasable at 8.30pm Monday night.

This month I have listed a few printed PUL nappies - to entice people to try something new all printed PUL nappies will attract a discount of 20% for this stocking only. The discount code is "tryme" I have a few cuts here that I am hoping to be finished in time for Monday night so don't despair that there isn't much for the boys ;)

This month's charity is SIDS and kids - you can check out info about where the proceeds will be spent at

You know all that literature and advertising about correct sleeping for infants and SIDS prevention ---- SIDS and kids organises and funds all of that. As for all charity auctions - the entire proceeds will go to the charity (not a part thereof - the entire purchase price) - the only part I keep is the postage cost :)

I will be offline for most of today - I have an 11 year olds party to organise but if you have any questions about the stocking, products or auction I will be around tomorrow to answer them all.

thanks :)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy birthday Douglas !!!!

Totally un-sewing related post

I'm having a mushy mummy moment - can you believe 11 years ago today I became a mother for the first time - I saw that cute little button nose and those beautiful blue eyes and knew I was gone... totally and 100% completely in love

He was the cutest little baby I had ever seen and every time I looked at him I felt like my heart would pound right out of my chest. Every moment of every day I marvelled at how huge this change in my life was. He was so cute and I didn't want him to grow up.

But.... you know I am glad he is growing up - every day is new - he grows more and more into his own little personality. Funny (sometimes LOL) corny (most times) handsome, sweet, loving, intelligent and such a caring gorgeous young man that I am so proud - so very very proud - I could not have ever asked for anything better.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flattery goes to facebook!!!!!

I've had a few requests/suggestions to start up a Facebook page for Flattery and after some help from a lovely customer (thanks tem ;)) i finally figured out how to do it. So if you're a member of Facebook why not pop in and become a fan.

I'll be releasing a few select sneak previews of products early on Facebook - so if you're impatient and can't wait til the 1st of the month you can always have a skeaky peek at FB.

I'd love to see any action shots you have - if you go to fan photos you can upload your action shots and share your cute baby pics (and of course your Flattery purchases) with all your friends

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back again - sorry

yeah yeah, I know I said I'd be back on Sunday night but I got a bit busy :D

OK so I got a pic of the little fitted - I'm loving how absorbent it is because the whole body is bamboo not just the booster - and I made it like an AI2 - so it dries MEGA fast. How much am I loving it????? each time it is off the line it is the first nappy on Evie's bum!!! next time i'm going to dye the bamboo before sewing

and.......... by special request - a little taste of my fabric splurge - I got a fair range but I must say this would be my favourite - it so unbelievably cute - perfect for a little nappy and t-shirt set - what do you think?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been shopping again - and sewing - oh my lord the sewing.....

Whoops just went shopping for more cotton prints when I don't really "need" any - what could I do? My supplier sent a newsletter announcing some new prints... how could I resist??? I am really looking forward to making these new prints up into little nappies and outfits - there is an especially cute little boy print - hands up if you want a sneak peak.

I have been busily sewing away creating some pretty little things - so far I have nearly finsihed this stockings "quota" of minky and just about to get my teeth sunk into the cotton prints.

Any NA memeber may have seen me talking about a "free nappy" I made with bamboo offcuts for my daughter - it's a fitted, something I haven't really done before, but I had fun doing it and it is soooo absrobent. It's amazing how much wee you can soak up when it's not just the booster that is absorbent but the whole nappy body as well. Being winter I popped a cover over the nappy for her to wear with clothes, but when not wearing clothes over the top I am assured it is ok to wear a fitted with no cover.... looking forward to that.

Hopefully i will be able to pop up a pic of my clever little fitted later tonight, hungry husband is calling - must be dinner time :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Small July stocking up and previewing

Just a small one this month but I have tried to focus on getting some nice stuff for the little boys. Have fun deciding and be ready for it to go live on Friday night

Friday, June 26, 2009

Princess Nicola and a Charity Auction

Flattery has donated a gorgeous set for the boys to an amazing little girl, Nicola. You can read all about her plight here -

To help Nicola's parent raise money to get Nicola to the States for a research symposium a few WAHMs have donated some gorgeous stuff to be auctioned off. All auction bids include registered post and the entire amount bid will go directly to Nicola.

Check out a gorgeous set for the boys in my new fave colour combo - LIME AND BLACK!!!! And featuring a cute little green truck to tie the whole set together. Your bid will win you 3 nappies - yes 3!!! - 2 t-shirts and 3 luscious velour/velour wipes. Bidding starts on Monday 29 June so take this opportunity to grab a OOAK set.

Also I have just today uploaded my monthly charity auction. July's Auction will raise money for breast cancer research. Please note that postage will be additional so keep this in mind when bidding. To theme the auctioned item with the chosen charity we've got a pink ribbon angel embroidered on baby pink minky. A beautiful little nappy, size medium, that your girl can wear with pride to show the world that her family supports charity and is doing their bit to help raise money for breast cancer research. for info about this month's charity to bid

The entire proceeds from the auction will go directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and I will be enclosing a copy of the donation receipt with your nappy.
Thanks for reading and happy bidding

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sewing so far - and bamboo

For the July stocking I had hoped to have a few nappies in all sizes of all product ranges but the month has really got away from me - the bamboo has taken a bit of my time plus 2 trips away which have meant less time for sewing. This stocking will still be a decent size but not as big as I had hoped. Be ready for August though - it's going to be a whopper :)

There is still a fair bit of bamboo listed on the site - I had planned to do another bamboo co-op soon but it seems I'm going to have enough from this lot to keep me going for a while, so you should get in while you can.

I've recently got my embroidery back and found that the designs i picked look even better in realy life. My camera has died on me (off to the shops today) but here is a pic I took the day the cuts came back... I think he is super cute :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ok so i've been slack with my blog.... but i have an excuse

go and have a look -

i'm so happy with the way the site is going, it looks better even than i had dreamed. I have come up with even more product ideas, Rod tells me i'm having too many and should concentrate on one or two.

But the whole idea of me starting a store was to have a store where you could buy everything.

I have nearly finished sewing the play with me range, now i have to start on the flatter me's

Yay i get to play with delish fabrics!!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Business name registration

OMG !!! it's official - the business name is finally registered - I am officially "Flattery"

I wasted no time in registering a domain name and am just waiting for my chosen cart host to get back to me. They're based in the US so I'm not sure if it's an ideal situation having a host overseas..... They have such a great cart - better than anything I have seen locally so I'd really like it to work. Then I can get to designing my site - wow that's going to be a BIG job.

I have been busily sewing and have in fact finished my first "batch" of products,

Today my designer fabric arrived and gosh... it's lovelier in real life - I am so in love with the colours and designs - there's a bit for the girls and a bit for the boys - and there's even some unisex fabric if you'd rather not be restricted

I've been having heaps and heaps of fun with my overlocker - it's so fast and so neat. I was expecting to have trouble with threading but you know it's not that bad. Everyone warned me but after an initial problem where my tension knobs weren't taking up the thread it's all good now. I'm having the most fun at the moment making snap-in boosters so I just had to make a little something for Evie. She's a bit young to show her appreciation yet but she seems to like it ha ha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My first blog post ever

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog. I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now and a broken sewing machine has amazingly opened up a fair chunk of free time. I've been busily sewing in anticipation of the opening of my new store - date undetermined - the opening of my store depends on a whole heap of factors....

Firstly sewing enough products to actually make it worth someone's time to come and have a look, secondly and pretty importantly - I need my business name registration... There is no point in me registering a domain and starting things up before I even know that I will get the name that I want.

I have got a whole ton of fabric in stock - all the fabric for the play with me range, and my first shipment of minkee arrived last week. Now to decide what to embroider on those first minkees - anyone with any suggestions go ahead and let me know.

Here's my minkee colours so far

we've got navy blue, sage, hot pink, baby blue, maroon, light yellow and baby pink. All my embroidery will be from EmbroideryLibrary so anything you find on there can be added to the minkees shown , so long as the image is no bigger than 10cm by 10cm.

Evie has been agreeably trying out some nappies for me - this one is a cutie - but I have since decided to make the back snaps (for the booster) hidden because I think 2 big snaps on the back of a nappy can ruin the look of it, and one of my pet hates is booster snaps at the front of the nappy because you have to stick your hand in the unsavory contents to unsnap the booster.

We haven't had any leakages so far but I'm on the lookout for testers so i can make sure that the style of the nappy will suit bubs with thighs a bit skinnier than my chunky bub. I'm really loving the new style of booster, it absorbs so quickly - before any wee can roll off the microfleece and run out the leg (grrrr don't ya hate that - a leaking nappy but a dry booster) but the bamboo will also hold onto a whole heap of moisture - Evie routinely has 2 to 3 hour sleeps in hers and doesn't leak at all.

Oh we had to test another factor of nappy fit this week. I have been on antibiotics for tonsillitis, and as I'm breastfeeding it's all gone through my milk and Evie has had a reaction to them... lets just say she's had an "explosive" reaction. Due to the nappies being such a lovely snug fit I've managed to save her clothing and sheets - there's just a whole heap of nappy washing going on in this house.

I'm hoping that they my sewing machine will be back tomorrow and i can get back to making some gorgeous stock for my store. Check in my next blog entry to get a sneak peek preview of my fave product to come :)

I welcome all comments to let me know what you think and especially at the moment to make suggestions for embroidery on the minkee