Sunday, March 15, 2009

Business name registration

OMG !!! it's official - the business name is finally registered - I am officially "Flattery"

I wasted no time in registering a domain name and am just waiting for my chosen cart host to get back to me. They're based in the US so I'm not sure if it's an ideal situation having a host overseas..... They have such a great cart - better than anything I have seen locally so I'd really like it to work. Then I can get to designing my site - wow that's going to be a BIG job.

I have been busily sewing and have in fact finished my first "batch" of products,

Today my designer fabric arrived and gosh... it's lovelier in real life - I am so in love with the colours and designs - there's a bit for the girls and a bit for the boys - and there's even some unisex fabric if you'd rather not be restricted

I've been having heaps and heaps of fun with my overlocker - it's so fast and so neat. I was expecting to have trouble with threading but you know it's not that bad. Everyone warned me but after an initial problem where my tension knobs weren't taking up the thread it's all good now. I'm having the most fun at the moment making snap-in boosters so I just had to make a little something for Evie. She's a bit young to show her appreciation yet but she seems to like it ha ha

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