Friday, July 31, 2009

August stocking and the Charity Auction

Hello everyone -

It's time for the August stocking - all products are up for preview right now and will be purchasable at 8.30pm Monday night.

This month I have listed a few printed PUL nappies - to entice people to try something new all printed PUL nappies will attract a discount of 20% for this stocking only. The discount code is "tryme" I have a few cuts here that I am hoping to be finished in time for Monday night so don't despair that there isn't much for the boys ;)

This month's charity is SIDS and kids - you can check out info about where the proceeds will be spent at

You know all that literature and advertising about correct sleeping for infants and SIDS prevention ---- SIDS and kids organises and funds all of that. As for all charity auctions - the entire proceeds will go to the charity (not a part thereof - the entire purchase price) - the only part I keep is the postage cost :)

I will be offline for most of today - I have an 11 year olds party to organise but if you have any questions about the stocking, products or auction I will be around tomorrow to answer them all.

thanks :)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy birthday Douglas !!!!

Totally un-sewing related post

I'm having a mushy mummy moment - can you believe 11 years ago today I became a mother for the first time - I saw that cute little button nose and those beautiful blue eyes and knew I was gone... totally and 100% completely in love

He was the cutest little baby I had ever seen and every time I looked at him I felt like my heart would pound right out of my chest. Every moment of every day I marvelled at how huge this change in my life was. He was so cute and I didn't want him to grow up.

But.... you know I am glad he is growing up - every day is new - he grows more and more into his own little personality. Funny (sometimes LOL) corny (most times) handsome, sweet, loving, intelligent and such a caring gorgeous young man that I am so proud - so very very proud - I could not have ever asked for anything better.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flattery goes to facebook!!!!!

I've had a few requests/suggestions to start up a Facebook page for Flattery and after some help from a lovely customer (thanks tem ;)) i finally figured out how to do it. So if you're a member of Facebook why not pop in and become a fan.

I'll be releasing a few select sneak previews of products early on Facebook - so if you're impatient and can't wait til the 1st of the month you can always have a skeaky peek at FB.

I'd love to see any action shots you have - if you go to fan photos you can upload your action shots and share your cute baby pics (and of course your Flattery purchases) with all your friends

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back again - sorry

yeah yeah, I know I said I'd be back on Sunday night but I got a bit busy :D

OK so I got a pic of the little fitted - I'm loving how absorbent it is because the whole body is bamboo not just the booster - and I made it like an AI2 - so it dries MEGA fast. How much am I loving it????? each time it is off the line it is the first nappy on Evie's bum!!! next time i'm going to dye the bamboo before sewing

and.......... by special request - a little taste of my fabric splurge - I got a fair range but I must say this would be my favourite - it so unbelievably cute - perfect for a little nappy and t-shirt set - what do you think?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been shopping again - and sewing - oh my lord the sewing.....

Whoops just went shopping for more cotton prints when I don't really "need" any - what could I do? My supplier sent a newsletter announcing some new prints... how could I resist??? I am really looking forward to making these new prints up into little nappies and outfits - there is an especially cute little boy print - hands up if you want a sneak peak.

I have been busily sewing away creating some pretty little things - so far I have nearly finsihed this stockings "quota" of minky and just about to get my teeth sunk into the cotton prints.

Any NA memeber may have seen me talking about a "free nappy" I made with bamboo offcuts for my daughter - it's a fitted, something I haven't really done before, but I had fun doing it and it is soooo absrobent. It's amazing how much wee you can soak up when it's not just the booster that is absorbent but the whole nappy body as well. Being winter I popped a cover over the nappy for her to wear with clothes, but when not wearing clothes over the top I am assured it is ok to wear a fitted with no cover.... looking forward to that.

Hopefully i will be able to pop up a pic of my clever little fitted later tonight, hungry husband is calling - must be dinner time :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Small July stocking up and previewing

Just a small one this month but I have tried to focus on getting some nice stuff for the little boys. Have fun deciding and be ready for it to go live on Friday night