Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been shopping again - and sewing - oh my lord the sewing.....

Whoops just went shopping for more cotton prints when I don't really "need" any - what could I do? My supplier sent a newsletter announcing some new prints... how could I resist??? I am really looking forward to making these new prints up into little nappies and outfits - there is an especially cute little boy print - hands up if you want a sneak peak.

I have been busily sewing away creating some pretty little things - so far I have nearly finsihed this stockings "quota" of minky and just about to get my teeth sunk into the cotton prints.

Any NA memeber may have seen me talking about a "free nappy" I made with bamboo offcuts for my daughter - it's a fitted, something I haven't really done before, but I had fun doing it and it is soooo absrobent. It's amazing how much wee you can soak up when it's not just the booster that is absorbent but the whole nappy body as well. Being winter I popped a cover over the nappy for her to wear with clothes, but when not wearing clothes over the top I am assured it is ok to wear a fitted with no cover.... looking forward to that.

Hopefully i will be able to pop up a pic of my clever little fitted later tonight, hungry husband is calling - must be dinner time :D

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