Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are you feeling lucky???

This is the embroidery design chosen for this custom nappy.... with a little bit of text added

I think it's absolutely adorable :D

The first of the Flattery Poly PUL outers

This is the blue/choc owl print - they are just so unbelievably cute.

PUL outers are great for winter because they dry faster than minky and cotton and they are trimmer under winter clothing than anything with minky. I have a few poly PUL prints that I will be listing - some of them in very limited quantities

Blue camo - minky print

Blue/choc camo minky print for a custom

Beautiful tree embroidery

The original embroidery desing for this tree was in autumn colours of red, orange, brown and yellow. I changed the colours to green for a custom on pale green minky, and here again on the lagoon minky - it really is amazing how a completely different look can be obtained by changing a few colours

Winner of the Facebook comp - Sorbet Minky

I recently ran a facebook comp for a nappy made from Sorbet Minky - entrants were to pick what they would put on the minky if they were to win

Leanne Brown was the winner (drawn randomly) and hr design was just the text "Sugar and Spice and all things nice" I think it looks great in this font - and it's been added to the embroidery library

Ninja baby...

Sometimes it's hard to find nice embroidery designs for little boys - but this one just rocks!!!!

Such a funky little ninja baby - goes perfectly with this cobalt blue minky

Green Owls and Blue Owls

Most people have got the idea by now - i adore owls!!! These owls are an applique design - so cute!!

A totally different affect is given for each by using diffeent colours in the applique, thread and minky colour

Creatures and Critters for twins

These 2 nappies are for twin boys - the prints are 2 of my "regulars" from the Creatures and critters (Robert Kaufman) range


And cute frogs....

How gorgeous will these boys look dressed in their matching nappies

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flattery brings in-stock pockets to Firefly Collective - Monkeys

And here is the "Monkey" version

The same Firefly exclusive design - print minky on the front and plain minky on the back with embroidery. This style of nappy will not be available as customs or in-stocks from Flattery so make sure you're at Firefly Collective stockings to nab these special exclusives

The first one is a combo of print cheeky monkeys on aqua with plain aqua minky at the back with a funky monkey embroidery

The inner is baby blue microchamois - the stretchiest inner which is perfect for pocket stuffing. The microchamois makes even this small size nappy a breeze to stuff. Check out the funky hand dyed trifold booster

Flattery brings in-stock pockets to Firefly Collective - Butterflies

I absolutely adore these pocket nappies. I have been doing custom pockets since January and decided it was about time I released some as in-stocks so people can get an idea ofjust how cool they are

I have created a special splice nappy design exclusive to the Firefly Collective stockings - print minky on the front and plain minky on the back with embroidery. This style of nappy will not be available as customs or in-stocks from Flattery so make sure you're at Firefly Collective stockings to nab these special exclusives

The first one is a combo of print butterflies on aqua with plain aqua minky at the back with a spunky hot pink butterfly embroidery

The inner is ot pink microchamois - the stretchiest inner which is perfect for pocket stuffing. The microchamois makes even this small size nappy a breeze to stuff. Check out the funky hand dyed hot pink trifold booster

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A firefly for the firefly collective

Now really - with my little digitising software pack and clever little embroidery machine -sriously how could I resist putting a firefly onto a nappy :D

And just for fun his sparkly bottom is metallic gold thread - yep I had fun with this one

And blackest of black deep dark night - midnight black Avlyn minky and black cotton velour inner - simply delicious

The early bird catches the worm

With the beginning of a brand new day - who's always there first - why the little birdie - he's up early catching a worm ;)

Alexander Henry print - Starlings in blue - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one

What a cute little applique - and some of the last of my teeny tiny stash of discontinued huckleberry minky - I have to go hunting for more!!

Tadpoles and froggies...

How lucky is the little tadpole... He gets to live his life in the water swimming around taking it easy - what a lovely life... THEN when he gets bored with that - what does he do??? he grows some legs jumps out of the pond and makes a new life for himself on land - a whole new beginning for the lucky little guy.

New beginnings.... tadpoles to frogs

I just had to track down some of this out of print Heather Ross Fabric - let me tell you it was hard - everyone had it in pink!!

Teamed with lovely lush lagoon minky and an applique - what of? - of course a little froggie in a jar

Squishy newborn fitted

AND - introducing Flattery Fitteds!!!!!

These will be available at stockings - each time from a one off hand dyed piece of bamboo velour.

This particular nappy if for the Firefly Collective Stocking on Sunday night - a collaboration with Little Sky Handmade.

Oh so soft and pattable bamboo velour outer and inner with a hidden layer of baby terry for absorbency and stability - this nappy features a funky hand dyed tri-fold booster for some that little bit special ;)

Play Dress - collab with Peechee Cloth

I'm finally "releasing to the public" my own design "play dress".

I make these dresses for me (yep i wear them too just slightly bigger and different colours ;)) and my little daughter. So easy care, easy wear!!!

No buttons, zips, ties or snaps - just pop over the head and you're good to go. Organic cotton interlock for comfort (it really moves with you) and maybe best of all - no ironing.

For this extra special collaboration with Peechee Cloth I have added a little screen print to match the beautiful nappy and a cute ruffly hem.

Friday, May 14, 2010

more owls.... this time from Saffron Craig

This gorgeous Owl print is from Aussie designer Saffron Craig - it comes in teal/brown too but i just can't go past the brilliant red and white colour combo

And how gorgeous is this tree with a little owl in it - appliqued onto red minky on the back of the nappy

Redigitised the owls

I absolutely adore this embroidery design. The image was chosen by the lovely Pheebs for my digitised nappy sale last year and i've held onto it as a regular.

This week i did a bit of a rework on the design, took out some details on the wings and changed the colours around a bit. I think it looks even better than before

And here it is made up into a nappy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stocking News!!


Hey there nappy shoppers :),

The time has come........ a nappy stocking!!!!

The next Flattery stocking is planned for Wednesday 5th May 8pm - I hope that time/day is suitable for everyone that wanted something this time, if not there is always next time ;)



Due to demand, I am changing the way the stockings happen. It seems the separate custom product to buy was confusing people - this new way of doing the stockings will unfortunately limit the customisation of your Flattery nappy but hopefully the ease of ordering will make up for it.

This stocking will feature one of each of a set number of minky colours/prints or cotton prints. This means that only 1 person can order each colour, the old way if there were 10 people who all wanted aqua minky they could have it.

I am taking down some of the previews to make it just the nappies that will be available this stocking showing on the site. After the stocking is over I will put the other ones back up so the website is a showcase of what nappies I can do.

At the stocking you will still be able to "create" your nappy by customising size, closure, embroidery design or minky colour. The individual products will be previewing throughout the day so you can choose your colour and embroidery. Keep in mind that you may need a back up in case you miss out on the colour you wanted, so make sure you get the embroidery design number of your backup.

At 8pm all products will go live. There will be 1 of each design only and it is first to cart. There are 20 slots available - I have tried to spread them out evenly between the different styles. When the pre-order slots become available from the drop down menu choose your size, closure, embroidery (for plain minky) and minky colour (for half cotton). Once the nappy has been carted it won't be available to anyone else so you may need to be quick!!

Please take the time to make sure you get your order right - you have plenty of time to work out exactly what you want - I will not take changes to orders after the stocking is finished.



In addition to the standard Create-a-nappy slots and the in-stock items there are 2 "full custom slots".

If your dream embroidery isn't in my album or your dream fabric isn't listed on my site you can try for one of these slots. I do have some minky prints and colours that aren't listed on the site yet as well as quite a few cotton prints that haven't been made into nappies yet. If you are successful in nabbing a custom slot you can give me an idea of what you're after and I will let you know if I have it.

If I don't have what you're after you are welcome to send me a piece of the fabric you would like, I will reduce the price of the nappy accordingly.

What to do when the embroidery you want isn't available? If you manage to get one of these slots you can choose any design available from any Embroidery design website, I will purchase the embroidery design and add it to my album.

Digitising an image into embroidery for your nappy? I can no longer take on so many of these digitised images - the time they take to create (around 4 - 6 hours) is causing problems with me getting nappies out in a timely manner. I will still be able to take on digitising but I just won't be able to do as many. For this reason I am digitising images only on the "Full Custom Slots" available at each stocking. If you are after a Digitised embroidery design then I suggest you try to nab one of the full custom slots.



This time I have managed a few in-stocks - you will be able to tell which nappies are in stock as they will have "in-stock" in the title and a closure and size will be specified. In-stock nappies will be posted out as soon as payment is received.



The order tracking page means that now you are able to see where I am up to with orders and where you are in the list. I update the order tracking page daily.

Orders that are not paid for immediately will be moved to the end of the list - once payment is received they will not jump back to their original position in the list but will start moving up the list from that time on - I have implemented this to avoid custom order delayed payments - and to keep it fair - you pay on time you get your nappy quicker.



If you would like your nappy embroidered please follow this link

and choose your embroidery before you make your purchase. Please make sure that your embroidery design number field is completed before adding the item to your cart - this is very important as this is the only way I will be keeping track of which embroidery is to be added to which nappy.



I have managed to get my hands on a couple of fabrics that are out of print and very hard to find. At the moment they include "Wise Old Owl" and "Movie Monsters", future stockings will have blueberry and fairy floss minky. There will only be one of each these nappies going live this month and they will cost a little more than the other "Flatter Me" nappies - this is directly related to the extra cost. As only 1 of each of these nappies will be released at the stocking you will need to nab that item to get it - you will not have the option selecting either of these prints on a "full custom order" slot.

Also as I have such a small supply of these prints they are not available as full cotton outers or matching clothing items

Ok I think that covers everything - let me know if you have any questions

take Care

xx Tracey

Oh for those of you who get timezones mixed up...
8pm QLD = NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS - 8pm; SA and NT- 7.30pm; WA - 6pm,

Another new minky print - Asian Paisley

in Aqua colourway

I really love the touches of orange in this print - it looks so funky

Thinking outside the square..... on aqua minky

Changing the thread colour on an embroidery design can make a world of difference

this design is shown in pink on my embroidery album

I think it looks absolutely AWESOME in minty green shades on the luscious aqua minky

Wise old owl full cotton outer

My all time fave cotton print!!!

As i have explained before this one is out of print and VERY hard to find, i managed to get a little stash of it - yay me!!

Silly me wasn't forward thinking and forot to make this nappy unavailable as a full cotton outer - i just don't have enough of it - and i would rather spread the owly love - 2 people can get a half cotton compared to 1 getting a full cotton.

So one lucky customer got this extra special one of a kind full cotton outer of the Wise Old Owl print - as it was my mistake not specifying in the first place

Boy oh Boy! - with a lion this time

So we've got lime minky again (with this spunky little print!)

But this time we have a lion on the back- rawrrrrr

A pretty little pink fairy

i just love lilac/lavender minky - somehow my daughter ended up with a mostly lilac stash!!

This gorgeous filigree fairy looks beautiful on the lilac minky here - The Embroidery library has some great designs, a lot of the designs in my album are from there. Check them out to pick something for your next custom!

All-in-one - no extra bits!!!

Front snap, small red safari minky - a true all in one - all boosting is sewn into the shell - microfibre so it is quicker drying

This style is perfect for the early days when "mess" can be pretty messy