Monday, May 3, 2010

Stocking News!!


Hey there nappy shoppers :),

The time has come........ a nappy stocking!!!!

The next Flattery stocking is planned for Wednesday 5th May 8pm - I hope that time/day is suitable for everyone that wanted something this time, if not there is always next time ;)



Due to demand, I am changing the way the stockings happen. It seems the separate custom product to buy was confusing people - this new way of doing the stockings will unfortunately limit the customisation of your Flattery nappy but hopefully the ease of ordering will make up for it.

This stocking will feature one of each of a set number of minky colours/prints or cotton prints. This means that only 1 person can order each colour, the old way if there were 10 people who all wanted aqua minky they could have it.

I am taking down some of the previews to make it just the nappies that will be available this stocking showing on the site. After the stocking is over I will put the other ones back up so the website is a showcase of what nappies I can do.

At the stocking you will still be able to "create" your nappy by customising size, closure, embroidery design or minky colour. The individual products will be previewing throughout the day so you can choose your colour and embroidery. Keep in mind that you may need a back up in case you miss out on the colour you wanted, so make sure you get the embroidery design number of your backup.

At 8pm all products will go live. There will be 1 of each design only and it is first to cart. There are 20 slots available - I have tried to spread them out evenly between the different styles. When the pre-order slots become available from the drop down menu choose your size, closure, embroidery (for plain minky) and minky colour (for half cotton). Once the nappy has been carted it won't be available to anyone else so you may need to be quick!!

Please take the time to make sure you get your order right - you have plenty of time to work out exactly what you want - I will not take changes to orders after the stocking is finished.



In addition to the standard Create-a-nappy slots and the in-stock items there are 2 "full custom slots".

If your dream embroidery isn't in my album or your dream fabric isn't listed on my site you can try for one of these slots. I do have some minky prints and colours that aren't listed on the site yet as well as quite a few cotton prints that haven't been made into nappies yet. If you are successful in nabbing a custom slot you can give me an idea of what you're after and I will let you know if I have it.

If I don't have what you're after you are welcome to send me a piece of the fabric you would like, I will reduce the price of the nappy accordingly.

What to do when the embroidery you want isn't available? If you manage to get one of these slots you can choose any design available from any Embroidery design website, I will purchase the embroidery design and add it to my album.

Digitising an image into embroidery for your nappy? I can no longer take on so many of these digitised images - the time they take to create (around 4 - 6 hours) is causing problems with me getting nappies out in a timely manner. I will still be able to take on digitising but I just won't be able to do as many. For this reason I am digitising images only on the "Full Custom Slots" available at each stocking. If you are after a Digitised embroidery design then I suggest you try to nab one of the full custom slots.



This time I have managed a few in-stocks - you will be able to tell which nappies are in stock as they will have "in-stock" in the title and a closure and size will be specified. In-stock nappies will be posted out as soon as payment is received.



The order tracking page means that now you are able to see where I am up to with orders and where you are in the list. I update the order tracking page daily.

Orders that are not paid for immediately will be moved to the end of the list - once payment is received they will not jump back to their original position in the list but will start moving up the list from that time on - I have implemented this to avoid custom order delayed payments - and to keep it fair - you pay on time you get your nappy quicker.



If you would like your nappy embroidered please follow this link

and choose your embroidery before you make your purchase. Please make sure that your embroidery design number field is completed before adding the item to your cart - this is very important as this is the only way I will be keeping track of which embroidery is to be added to which nappy.



I have managed to get my hands on a couple of fabrics that are out of print and very hard to find. At the moment they include "Wise Old Owl" and "Movie Monsters", future stockings will have blueberry and fairy floss minky. There will only be one of each these nappies going live this month and they will cost a little more than the other "Flatter Me" nappies - this is directly related to the extra cost. As only 1 of each of these nappies will be released at the stocking you will need to nab that item to get it - you will not have the option selecting either of these prints on a "full custom order" slot.

Also as I have such a small supply of these prints they are not available as full cotton outers or matching clothing items

Ok I think that covers everything - let me know if you have any questions

take Care

xx Tracey

Oh for those of you who get timezones mixed up...
8pm QLD = NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS - 8pm; SA and NT- 7.30pm; WA - 6pm,

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