Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flattery brings in-stock pockets to Firefly Collective - Butterflies

I absolutely adore these pocket nappies. I have been doing custom pockets since January and decided it was about time I released some as in-stocks so people can get an idea ofjust how cool they are

I have created a special splice nappy design exclusive to the Firefly Collective stockings - print minky on the front and plain minky on the back with embroidery. This style of nappy will not be available as customs or in-stocks from Flattery so make sure you're at Firefly Collective stockings to nab these special exclusives

The first one is a combo of print butterflies on aqua with plain aqua minky at the back with a spunky hot pink butterfly embroidery

The inner is ot pink microchamois - the stretchiest inner which is perfect for pocket stuffing. The microchamois makes even this small size nappy a breeze to stuff. Check out the funky hand dyed hot pink trifold booster

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