Saturday, July 31, 2010

A tree on tree day

For tonights stocking, a yellow tie dye minky nappy embroidered with a lovely tree

Nature Rocks

Let everyone know you think nature rocks - for the stocking tonight at 8.30pm

A small all-in-2 with cotton velour inner

A Nappy with a message

Being a cloth nappy user means you're taking steps towards being "eco-friendly" - how about adding a "green" message to that nappy to raise awareness - love recycling?

Song bird

Rainbow tie dye minky witha tweet little song bird. And a matching t-shirt ;)

Going green with a green tree on green minky

This month for the firefly Collective Stocking I am taking part in a collaboration. This is my offering a green tree on lime green minky - today is National Tree Day and our inspiration for August is "Going Green" so i thought this was pretty fitting

A new addition to the cotton prints

Michael Miller's Blast off print.

I have used it with red minky here but it would really look cool with turquoise too!!

A special custom

This special nappy was created for the "Free to be Kids" Auction winner.

I used a piece of my special "misty sea" minky and 5 separeate embroidery designs - a definite one of a kind!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a name?

This lavender tie dye nappy is embroidered with her new owner's name - and some pretty little butterflies

Tree of Tranquility

Tree of Tranquility embroidery design on Turquoise minky - medium sidesnap.
I love overdue custom from the May stocking. The order was bumped to the end of the list because a couple of changes needed to be made - but my lovely customer has been veeeeeery understanding - and patient

hope you love him :)


Royal blue minky - yet another new minky colour - darker and more vibrant that the "cobaly" I have been using as my "blue"

This one has an orange cotton velour inner to match the Vroooooooom orange hot rod

A whale of a time

This nappy was made for a Nappy Review - I hope it's new owner loves him - cause I sure do!!!

This new minky colour I am calling "Aqua" it is a lighter shade than the old Aqua - which i am renaming "turquoise"

It's a busy little bee

I agonised for hours trying to come up with something truly unisex for a prize donation - in the end i decided on this medium side snap in yellow with a Busy Little Bee embroidery

I'd put it on my girl - or a boy - so i guess that makes it unisex :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Whimsical.... Creepy Crawly

A medium pocket for tonight's stocking

I had black and white on the damask print, I struggled for a while to think what would go with it - until i found this awesome spider web (I have seriously edited the original design though LOL) but it goes so well on this black minky

Mmmmmmm I just love the black damask print

Whimsical.... Rockstar

A Large boys nappy for tonights stocking at 8.30pm

Denim minky on the back - embroidered with a rock star guitar!!!

Add a couple of swirls and some blue paisley minky - and there you have - a whimsical rockstar

Whimsical.... Tree

This funky little nappy is going live tonight at 8.30pm at

The minky on the back is "Fir Green" a perfect choice to go with the olice and choc paisley minky print. The tree embroidered on the back is an edited design D7956 - I removed the moon and left the tree

A lush minky print on the front

Whimsical.... Fairy

This beautiful girly large nappy will go live tonight at 8.30pm at

In keeping with the "Whimsy" inspiration for the month of July this fairy has some gorgeous fanciful swirls

And pink and lime paisley with a touch of black to make it girly but a little more "grown up"

Whimsical.... Butterflies

This nappy will be available for purchase at tonight at 8.30pm

The back of the nappy is beautiful pink Avlyn Oh So Soft! Minky - the softest minky you will find. It is embroidered with a beautiful swirly buttery design, threads changed to various shade of pink to match the front of the nappy

The front of the nappy is whimsical pink paisley print minky

Whimsical.... Birdy

This nappy will be available for purchase at tonight at 8.30pm

The back of the nappy is white minky embroidered witha beautiful swirly birdcage design

and the front is pretty in pink damask minky print

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A cool cat

I ran a comp on FB recently - entrants were to nominate what embroidery they would like on a nappy of Mink Gelato (gorgeous chocolate mudcake minky) - the winner, Barb (by random draw) chose this "Cool cat" embroidery - what a lucky little bub - free nappy yay!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

German elephants

If you are a fan of my facebook page you should know all about this fabric - I had my eye on it for ages and finally tracked one piece down - in Germany - i had to order in german (which i don't speak) from a woman wo can't speak english - but as you can see we worked it all out - and my fabric arrived - i love it!!!!!

thanks again Mandi!!!

A new embroidery design - owl

I created this owl applique design for a special swap - wonder if anyone can guess who it is for?????

Swim little turtle

Bright and cheery lime - in dimple dot with an applique turtle - so cute

Elephant stack on fuschia

It's difficult to find an embroidery design that will match this colour of minky - i think this elephant stack really hits the spot - fun bright and cheerful

For daddy's princess

Who's got a DH who cringes everytime fluffy mail shows up - this will soften him up a bit LOL

Retro pink minky - have i ever mentioned this is my favourite shade of pink ;)

pink camo - a little bit girl...

Who ever said camo was just for boys

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pretty butterflies on pretty purple

This new purple minky is a slightly different shade to what i was using before but it's Avlyn Oh So Soft! - and "soft" it is!!!!!

there is a little bit of metallic thread through this one - after repeated washing the metallic thread will lose it's shine a little, but the nappy will remain gorgeous!!

Tillbrook pink on cherry

I'm getting to the last of my Tillbrook Sprites in pink :( A gorgeous Alexander Henry print

There's still a few nappies worth there so don't panic just yet

Movie Monsters Frankenstein

It was totally unintentional but somehow this time the nappy pattern landed on frankenstein for both the front and back - the colours look awesome against the midnight black minky!!