Friday, July 31, 2009

August stocking and the Charity Auction

Hello everyone -

It's time for the August stocking - all products are up for preview right now and will be purchasable at 8.30pm Monday night.

This month I have listed a few printed PUL nappies - to entice people to try something new all printed PUL nappies will attract a discount of 20% for this stocking only. The discount code is "tryme" I have a few cuts here that I am hoping to be finished in time for Monday night so don't despair that there isn't much for the boys ;)

This month's charity is SIDS and kids - you can check out info about where the proceeds will be spent at

You know all that literature and advertising about correct sleeping for infants and SIDS prevention ---- SIDS and kids organises and funds all of that. As for all charity auctions - the entire proceeds will go to the charity (not a part thereof - the entire purchase price) - the only part I keep is the postage cost :)

I will be offline for most of today - I have an 11 year olds party to organise but if you have any questions about the stocking, products or auction I will be around tomorrow to answer them all.

thanks :)


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