Saturday, December 12, 2009

A COMPETITION!! Some big changes in the works, a sale and a holiday

There are some MASSIVE changes coming to Flattery over the Christmas Break. A licence for a new nappy design, new sizing, new products (a whole new RANGE of products) changes to stockings and some retail stockists.

In preparation of the changes Flattery will close over Christmas - I will be finishing current custom orders (you can chose to have your custom with the old pattern or the new one if you feel like having a sneak peek) and organising the new product range.

With a new design coming I need to sell old stock - when the store re-opens in January I would rather not have to worry about version 1/version 2 and the completely different sizing. To help move the current stock I am offering a huge discount of 25% off all current stock until sold out. Use the code "25off" to snap up a great bargain. Check out

I'm hoping to reopen the store with new stock on 10th January - so keep an eye out for a newsletter - If anything majorly dramatic comes up I may delay the reopening a little but fingers crossed that won't be necessary.

Now for the fun stuff - I am having a blog poll/survey/competition!! I am just fine tuning the new designs and my wonderful DH thought instead of trying to guess what you guys want - how about I ask you :D

Just answer the following questions by way of a comment on the blog to be in the draw for a $50 gift voucher to be spent in the store on new stock after 10th January (including customs ;)). You have 1 week to respond - competition closes 20th December - what a great Christmas present!!

If you can't reply to the blog feel free to send your reply to - you will still be entered in the competition

Ok now for my survey

1. On a front snap nappy do you prefer 1 row of snaps or 2? 1 row of snaps is quicker to put on and take off but the 2 rows gives you customised fit around legs and tummy. Now that Flattery will have a side snap option (for babies that need that customised fit) is it necessary to have the 2 rows on the front snap?

2. On a side snap nappy do you prefer squared off wings or rounded wings? It is purely an aesthetic thing - you can also choose "don't care" LOL

3. Would you like to have the option of requesting a pocket style nappy? Or would that just make it too many variables?

4. Anything you love about Flattery Nappies that you would hate for me to change?

5. Anything that bugs you about the current design that you would like to see changed?

Now of course questions 4 and 5 may be a little difficult for those of you that do not own a Flattery nappy yet, but you can answer based on what you can see on the website or what you have heard from other people - this is the perfect opportunity for you to tell me WHY you haven't bough a Flattery nappy

Only 5 minutes of your time to answer 5 quick questions (1 word answers are fine or you can go into as much depth as you would like) and you'll be in the draw for a $50 gift voucher!!! How much easier could it be




  1. 1/ 2 snaps
    2/ dont care ;-)
    3/ i wouldnt really be bothered prefer a12 personally
    4/ the absorbency, dont change that ;-)
    5/ would love a SS version but think thats comming?

  2. 1. 2 snaps
    2. squared off
    3. pocket option would be great!
    4. absorbancy
    5. nope nothing bad about the nappy design :)

  3. 1 - two rows :)
    2 - Square
    3 - no pockets
    4 - Cuteness!!
    5 - no :D

  4. 1- 2 rows
    2- Rounded off
    3- I prefer Ai2's over a pocket
    4 & 5- As I dont own one yet (On my wishlist for 2010!!) I'd have to say the cuteness. The nappies look so adorable =D
    I only found you not long ago (Oct/Nov I think?!) and am still eyeing them off =D

  5. 1- 2 snaps
    2- rounded
    3- i don't like pockets
    4 and 5- I love everything about Flattery nappies, but if i had to pick one great thing it would be the legs, and how well the fit and contain messes.

  6. 1 - 2 rows
    2 - don't care
    3 - don't use pockets
    4 - tha fabulous quality
    5 - side snaps but i think you're covering that :D

  7. 1 - 1 row (I must be weird!)
    2 - squared looks nicer to me
    3 - pockets are always handy
    4 & 5 I don't have one yet, but I do love the designs :)

  8. 1 - 2 rows
    2 - don't care
    3 - Ai2s for me!
    4 & 5 - I don't have one yet, but I love the designs and gorgeous fabrics you use