Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 free fitted nappies :D

One boy and one girl....

There are some conditions though...

1. that you don't mind your child's name being on my site (not surname - just first name or first and middle)

2. only to someone who actually uses fitteds - don't just say yes because it's a free nappy - I am ONLY doing fitteds and I want your free nappy to be used and loved

3. I am designing the entire nappy including colour- it's for photos for the site so I have a specific design in mind - don't put your hand up if you don't like surprises or if you're really really fussy on nappy designs

4. you might have to wait a while - I will fit it in between the nappies from tonights pre-orders

So if you're still interested please comment to this post - state whether you have a boy or a girl - first boy and first girl win!! I'll email you after I get the kids from school


  1. I have a boy :D So yes please!

  2. oh and we are both Melissas !! hehe how cool is that!

  3. congrats mel and mel :D

    can you email me at
    flatterycontact @ optusnet . com . au
    so i can give you all the details


  4. Doh! Never mind - my boy doesn't have a name yet anyway! ;-)