Sunday, January 30, 2011

Newsletter - copied and pasted

With Christmas and New Years beind us, and after a little family time for my holidays, Flattery is back in business - time for a stocking!!!


Just a reminder that is also back from the Christmas Break. We will be once again stocking at 8.00pm (QLD time) on the First and Third Sunday of each month.

Our charity auction to help raise funds for those affected by floods was very successful, we raised over $1,000 - beyond our expectations fo sure. We thank each and every person who bid in the auctions. The flood victims are still in our thoughts and Flattery will continue to give where possible to worthy causes.

We have some fun and excitement planned for February's stockings - Facebook is a great place to keep watch: Firefly Facebook. ;)



The March 2011 Nappy hunt is in the works - and Flattery will be a "regular icon" sponsor again. I still haven't worked out my mini-hunt but it's sure to be a little bit of fun.

As the month of March is hunt month you will see plenty of stock in store - If you're not sure what the cloth nappy hunt is check out this site: Diaper Decisions



Now... down to business....

Tomorrow (Monday 31st January 2011) at 7.30pm QLD time will be live time - the listings of in-stocks will be going up throughout the morning so keep an eye on the Current Products page, or watch the Flattery Facebook page to see what will be up for grabs.

Most products are in-stock and ready to ship with just a couple of custom spots up fo grabs. This new way of stocking will mean the stockings will be more regular, hopefully monthly, so you won't have to wait so long if you miss out this time



If you check out a pre-order spot your custom nappy can be made from any of the fabrics listed in the "Past Products" category and embroidery/applique is chosen from the Flattery embroidery library. These are the only fabrics/designs available.

Cotton prints can be full panel or half panel and must go with a matching applique design - not embroidery. I will allow minky prints to be teamed with plain minky and embroidery, plain minky prints are also available. 1 embroidery design per nappy please.

Digitised designs are not included, neither are embroidery designs that aren't listed in my embroidery album. You may notice some of the colours/prints you have seen previously are missing from the past products, I have sold out of some fabrics so I am unable to offer them at this stocking, sorry :( Let me know if there is something you really really wanted I will see if I can get it in for a future stocking. Please not that Fairy Floss, Misty sea and Aurora minky are not available for customs at this stocking

As there are only a few spots up the wait for your custom nappy will not be long - please try to get your choices to me as fast as possible so I can get all the orders out quickly.



IN-STOCKS - Payments are due within 3 hours of completing Checkout. If paying by direct debit a screen shot receipt is to be emailed with 3 hours of checkout.
If I do not receive your paypal payment or screen shot receipt within 3 hours I will immediately relist your items without contacting you. I do not chase payments. People tend to get offended if I relist without emailing, but please note - you have been forewarned

To take a screen shot press the "print screen" button on your keyboard when the receipt page on your net banking is open, open paint or any other image program - paste the contents of your clipboard (the screen shot) save as a jpeg and email this image to me.

PRE-ORDERS - Your payment for a pre-order is due within 3 hours. Please understand that I will not start any work on customs that have not been paid for in full - so if you are unable to pay for your customs right now, it's probably best if you save up and wait for the next stocking.

LAYBYS - sorry folks, I no longer offer layby

Ok I think that covers everything - let me know if you have any questions

take Care

xx Tracey

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