Sunday, April 24, 2011

Newsletter - April Stocking

Hey there nappy shoppers :) In keeping with my commitment to monthly stockings to be held toward the end of each month - the time has come for the April Stocking!!!!

But first just to re-cap some other Flattery Info...



Firefly Collective turns 1 in May - to celebrate we have invited some amazing WAHMs to join the fun and festivities....

Adorable Kidz -

Bella Bumz -

My My My! -

Nifty Naps -

Mangolime -


May's Firefly Collective Stockings will be held at 8.30pm QLD time on the 8th and 22nd of May. All the Fireflies have some fun planned - Flattery will be stocking a heap of items at each stocking so this is a great time to nab a pretty....

Facebook is a great place to keep watch: Firefly Facebook. ;)



Don't forget about my blog...

All customs and in-stocks for Fireflies and the Flattery store are shown on the blog - not all will make it to the website (no customs) or Facebook (because I feel guilting spamming your newsfeed so I only post about half of the customs to FB) - SO if you really want to see alllll the Flattery fluffiness going out the blog is the place to go

The newest member of the Flattery Blogging Family..... a personal blog -

This blog will feature all the "Me" Side of this business including my gorgeous family and all my non-nappy crafty endeavours - ever wondered what the behind the scenes life of a WAHM looks like??? Then this is the blog to read.



I finally decided to create a Flattery Customs Waiting list - I get dozens of emails each month asking for custom spots and I used to just direct these emails to the stockings and customs spots available there

BUT - it has come to my attention that people who are a bit slower at stockings ALWAYS miss out on the customs - they might have a chance at a pre-made Flattery - but as the customs always have the most people going for them the slower people always miss out :(

So the custom waiting list was born!!!

Please please please read the rules on the waiting list page and when your name comes up please make sure you read the accompanying email and listing or you may miss out on your spot.

I know it seems like the list is very long at the moment but I will get through it faster than you think - especially since each 3 people I contact at least 1 doesn't get back to me ;)



Now... down to business....

Wednesday 27th April 2011 at 8.30pm QLD time will be live time - the listings of in-stocks will be going up throughout Tuesday and Wednesday Morning so keep an eye on the Current Products page, or watch the Flattery Facebook page to see what will be up for grabs.

All products are in-stock and ready to ship - I will not be listing any custom spots at this stocking - just to give me time to make a start on that customs waiting list.

Custom spots will be back in May ;)

Time Zones - stocking is 8.30 QLD time =

NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS - 8.30pm

SA, NT - 8.00pm

WA - 6.30pm



Payments are due within 3 hours of completing Checkout. If paying by direct debit a screen shot receipt is to be emailed with 3 hours of checkout.

Paypal is preferred but not required.

If I do not receive your paypal payment or screen shot receipt within 3 hours I will immediately relist your items without contacting you. I do not chase payments. People tend to get offended if I relist without emailing, but please note - you have been forewarned

To take a screen shot press the "print screen" button on your keyboard when the receipt page on your net banking is open, open paint or any other image program - paste the contents of your clipboard (the screen shot) save as a jpeg and email this image to me.

LAYBYS - sorry folks, I no longer offer layby

Ok I think that covers everything - let me know if you have any questions

take Care

xx Tracey

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