Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pricing and Postage Change

It has been 2 and a half years since I have had a price increase and in that time every single element used to make my nappies has increased in price including shipping prices to have those fabrics/notions delivered to me.

It is no longer financially viable for me to absorb these price increases so I from 1st June 2011 my prices will increase in accordance with the following schedule:

Base nappy price - Full minky print or cotton print - $37.50

Embroidered Nappy - up to 2 fabric choices and 1 embroidery design - $46.50

Additional embroidery designs - additional flat fee - $9

Stripey Splicey - front of nappy only, minky only - additional flat fee - $9

The good news that comes with all of this is that you will now have the option of having more than 1 embroidery design on your custom nappies, though there will be a cost - each and every additional element will cost you an extra $9.

And some more brilliant news - POSTAGE - the across the board price rise also includes an element of registered post. From now on all Flattery nappies will be posted by registered post, some of this will be absorbed by me and will result in a flat fee postage of $6.00 for up to 2 nappies. For 3 or more nappies there will be a flat fee postage of $11.00. If you manage to nab more than 3 nappies at a stocking I will invoice you this additional postage seperately.

Express post will be available if you would like to get your nappies faster, but this WILL NOT be available on orders paid by Paypal. If you would like express post and have paid by Direct Debit your postage will still be $6.00 but you will need to email me to advise that you would like express instead of registered.

Just in explanation of my preference for registered over express, Registered post must be signed for by the addressee giving further security than express which can still go to the wrong address and has no proof of delivery making claims from Australia Post difficult.

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