Saturday, September 25, 2010

A special custom

In the midst of all the "Nappy a day" excitement for the nappy hunt - I have been finishing off customs that are long long overdue. This one is for a great customer of mine - with a special fabric that she hunted down - a very special nappy indeed!!

The placement of the print was "difficult" to say the least - no matter where I put the nappy pattern I couldn't get a part of the print on the front that I really liked - In the end I worked it so I could get this little RIP scene on the front - and the spooky haunted house on the back....

Not sure if you can see it on the screen - but there is fine silver glitter all over the fabric - oooohhhh aaaaahhhhh - pretties.....

Sorry about the wait M - we hope you love it :D

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