Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wise old owl

I absolutely ADORE this nappy - it's my favourite ever owl fabric - that I hunted for a whole year to find - and nabbed on etsy when someone had an excess fabric stash sell out. The story behind the fabric is that it's a once off print done especially for a particular fabric store in the US - only 1 small run was done :(

I spotted it on a blog some time in early 2009 (or was it late 2009) and was looking for it ever since - I nearly fainted when I found it LOL - it cost me a small fortune but i got 3 yards of it yay

I tried a new owl applique this time too - which I'm absolutely in love with - I'll be doing this applique on all my owl prints from now on - he looks so cute :D and a little bit cheeky

I prefer cheeky owls to sleepy ones ;)

Oh and by the way it's going live at 7pm tonight QLD time -

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