Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pre-order stocking 8pm (QLD) Friday 26th March

Hey there Nappy Shoppers :),

I've had a few emails asking when the latest previews will be up for sale and I always promised there would be a stocking in March (during the hunt) I'm squeezing it in at the last minute. As you can see on the order tracking page I still have a few orders to finish from last month but I decided to do the stocking early anyway so you could all use your discount code (yay- savings!!)

This means that this month's orders won't be started for a little while but I'm sure you'll agree the 5% off will be worth it.

On the subject of the Nappy Hunt.... I've had some good feedback on the mini-hunt - apparently it was a bit convoluted at first but is more fun now that it has been updated. As of today 550 people have found the icon WOWSERS!!
To use the Nappy Hunt discount code enter your code in at checkout and you will receive 5% off your order (not including shipping). The store is set to first to cart so you can take your time entering the code before you check out - there is no rush. I won't be able to retrospectively take the discount off so please make sure you put it in.

There have been A LOT of new newseletter subscribers so while I have you all here I'll recap some info from the last newsletter...

I am now (as of January this year) licenced to sew and sell nappies made from the Darling Diapers Unlimited Pattern. I am Australia's first official licencee!!!! This pattern is amazing and the GREATEST fit. Keep in mind the sizing is a little different to the norm though so don't order what your child "usually" wears - take the time before the stocking to check out sizing info here . My daughter is 12kg and fits in the small with room to spare. There are photos on this blog.

Don't forget the new section "Keep Me Clean" - at the moment this category consists of wipes, spare boosters and liners but I will be adding bubblebath/showergel, soaps and foamies in a few delicious signature scents - yummy!!!!

I think most people know about the order tracking page - people have been watching it and I have had a few comments. The order tracking page means that now you are able to see where I am up to with orders and where you are in the list. I update the order tracking page daily.
Orders that are not paid for immediately will be moved to the end of the list - once payment is received they will not jump back to their original position in the list but will start moving up the list from that time on - I have implemented this to avoid custom order delayed payments - and to keep it fair - you pay on time you get your nappy quicker.
Now for stocking details...

My Stockings are a little different to other online stockings you may have been to. I am trying to do something new that will keep everyone happy (including me tee hee). The stocking is a pre-order stocking with a difference - I have named them create-a-nappy, as you can choose from what I have available to "create" your dream nappy in the right size and closure.

You will see product listings as previews with a photo of the nappy made up in the partciular fabric - don't stalk these products - you need to buy one of the pre-order slots - here are the links to the right products for you to buy

There are 20 slots available - I have tried to spread them out evenly between the different styles. When the pre-order slots become available, from the drop down menu choose which nappy you want (check for pictures in the preview products) then choose your size, closure, embroidery (for plain minky) and minky colour (for half cotton). The previews of the nappy designs will never ebcome available - they are just that - "previews"

Please take the time to make sure you get your order right - you have plenty of time to work out exactly what you want - I will not take changes to orders after the stocking is finished - last time I was a bit relaxed on this and got orders wrong as the wrong order number was quoted on an email.
One last thing - the Wise Owl fabric is VERY limited - there will only be one of these nappies going live this month and that will cost a little more than the other "Flatter Me" nappies - this is directly related to the extra cost of this out of print hard to find designer cotton print. I actually have some other hard to find prints coming - they will also be limited but you don't have to worry about that until next month.
Ok I think that covers everything - let me kow if you have any questions... seriously I mean that - if you're confused - ask me - I will help you :)
For those that get timezones mixed up...
8pm QLD = NSW, VIC, ACT - 9pm, SA - 8.30pm, TAS - 8pm, NT - 7.30pm, WA - 6pm
actually can someone clarify that for me - what time is TAS - do they have daylight saving????

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