Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today's shipping

I had fun with boy nappies!!!!!

The top 2 are just so utterly gorgeous and sooooo utterly BOY!!!! I have been wanting to make a blue camo nappy for a while but always get busy - I was actually excited when Erin asked for this one. Oh and denim - anyone who knows me knows I LOVE denim minky - it looks so lush IRL - and for some reason every embroidery looks cool on denim 8)

The bottom 2 have stories....

On the left - that ones a surprise design for a special tester nappy - trying something a little bit different ;) if it works I'll tell you what it was, if it doesn't..... geez it's a pretty nappy isn't it LOL (I posted this pic on facebook with a challenge for anyone to guess the kanji on the back...)

The one on the bottom right is called "Wise Old Owl" I saw this fabric in a photo early last year - As soon as I saw it I just HAD TO have it - of course trust me to fall in love with a fabric that is a limited print done by a designer especially for one US fabric store chain.... gah ... and of course by the time i saw it, it was about 2 years out of print :( sad Tracey :(

I kind of laid off the search after about 2 months but I have never forgotten it and EVERY single time I find a new fabric store I do a hunt for the fabric

In December last year I was looking at Etsy (of all places) for a different Owl fabric (yeah I know isn't that always the way) and OMG!!!! what did I find instead.....

It was just one cut of the fabric and of course the lady selling it put a massive markup on it knowing it's OOP HTF - and I had to pay flat rate international shipping for that one piece of fabric - but my gosh it was worth it!!!!

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