Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some pre-order nappies

Some pre-order nappies from the last stocking.....

Small Tillbrook Sprites in Lavender - always a fave of mine

A funky green tree on lush pale green minky. This design was discovered by the customer before the stocking - she sent me a link and asked me to add it to the Photo Album - then she was able to use the design number in her order saving any confusion

Oooooh yummy Wildberry minky. I usually love this minky with the butterfly and cherry blossom but i think this scrolly hearts is extremetly effective too - delicious!!!

When is a plain minky nappy not plain???? When it's a funky print - just like this spacey print minky - perfect for boys - but then again - who says girls can't like astronauts and spaceships!!!

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